Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wedding Vow

I am currently working on my wedding vow. I am blown away at the scope of the task: I have to tell Jen in the space of 3-6 sentences that I love her and that I want to be with her for the rest of our lives. Actually, now that I wrote that it seems simple, but how many times do you get to tell someone something of this magnitude? How many vows do we take in life?

Though I currently do not subscribe to any organized religion I do feel very spiritual. I view this whole existence as an emanation of God. We are all divine beings, we are all equal, we are all one and the same.

I find that middle eastern religions and philosophies closely correlate to my own feelings. One of the images of love that really strike a chord with me are those depictions of Buddhist Gods and Goddesses in a sexual embrace. This union is a symbol of ultimate enlightenment, the joining of male wisdom and female insight. A personification and deification of the yin and yang. I don't think Christianity has an equivalent depiction. I believe that Christianity does not portray women or sexuality in a positive light. Sexual awakening is our original sin, our nakedness brings us shame, painful childbirth is a punishment for eating fruit from the knowledge of good and evil.

The Buddhists have a healthy view of sexuality as opposed to the sexual repression seen in Christianity. I enjoy seeing my love, my wife, as a deity to be worshiped. We are gods and goddesses in shells of flesh. It is through this ephemeral body we are able to enjoy life's pleasures and seek ultimate truth.

here is a link about the Tantric view:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dante's Inferno - PS3

Wow, what a game. Very similar to God of War, but better. Great story and graphics, seems fun. You play as Dante, a soldier duped by the church into committing horrendous sins during the crusades. Now, faced with death, he battles the Grim Reaper for his soul. His wife is killed and taken to hell, Dante follows in hope of rescuing his bride.
I like the mechanics of the game. It's hack and slash with a bit of some strategy. Your magic has two sides, evil and good. You can enhance either side to your liking. I may have to pick this up someday. Too many good games on the PS3...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Independence Day Independence Day by Richard Ford

Frank, a typical man, struggling to recover from his divorce and currently failed loves. Making his way to visit his troubled son during the independence day weekend. Frank is a former sports writer, now Realtor and part business owner of a root beer stand. His last realtor girlfriend, a young african american girl he worked with, was murdered. An occasional fuck buddy named shelly just rejected him. I am on page 224 and he still hasn't seen his son yet. I am reading this book because it was recommended by one of the hotties from Tegan and Sara. It is beautifully written, but lackluster plotwise. View all my reviews >>