Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Amazing Austin Coffee and Artists

I just wanted to thank the establishment and people over at Epoch Coffee and Thunderbird Coffee. I have enjoyed sitting in your shops, drinking a tasteful drip coffee while either getting some work done or procrastinating on your free wifi. Your establishments and others (whom i will mention at the end) have been a huge part of my Austin experience.

I haven't been to too many music experiences at a coffee shop. Maybe I should consider changing this really soon though. I just read on Thunderbird's blog that they had a show where austin bands covered the entire pinkerton album. I would love to have seen that. I have seen a few shows at flipnotics though, and they were good.

In the title I referred to the Artists. I did so because as much as I have been in these coffee shops, I have also been under the influence of local artists. Very much of what hangs at the EPOCH is quite impressive. True artfully expressed ideas by some locals. Same goes for thunderbird. I once saw the singer for White Rhino helping a pretty lady hang some art at there. I don't know who did the artwork. It could have been either one of them.
So thank you artists for exhibiting at the coffeeshops around town. I really enjoy it.

Cool coffee shops:
PS Even the bathrooms at Epoch have great permanent art.

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